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Baobab Collection

  Handmade and designed in Belgium since 2004, Baobab Collection candles are an olfactory, visual and spiritual indulgence. There is an intangible sense of tradition, hard work, and sensitivity of human touch. Baobab's skilled artisans would strategically hang the wicks and hand-pour wax concoction into the glass jars. The result is an elegantly styled artisanal product that looks just as good as it smells.  
Baobab Collection Orange River Candle Lighter LIGHTOR The exceptional candles from the Baobab Collection are matched by the ultimate accompaniment. Encased in an distinctive orange leather sleeve, the Orange River Lighter carries the hallmark quality and craftsmanship of Zippo. A sleek design for easy storage, but with an elegance fit for display, LIGHTOR


Baobab Collection Orange River Candle Lighter
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